les contemplatives
Opening Reception 5pm – 7pm
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, October 13, 2015

Play Time, Draw the Line
Mørkhøj, Denmark, September 8 - 19, 2014


Lorient Express

Nault Fine Art, Oklahoma City, OK, Nov 6, 2009 - Dec 5, 2009


  Playtime, Draw the Line
Concource Art Space, 2nd Floor
VisArts at Rockville, Maryland
August 7 - September 8, 2013
Opening Reception and Artist Talk, August 9, 7-9 p.m.

Collage media on paper

Collage, acrylic on canvas

I have often painted children and children games. For me art has always been connected to playfulness.

As I remember the games I used to play in the school yard during recess and on the sidewalks after school, I go back to a place where time has slowed down and where I did evolved in an imaginary world with its own rules and logic. To the creative process followed by the artist, we can apply the same words. The artist creates a bridge between reality and his interpretation of the world using his own techniques and codes. Our myths and fears are transcended through art as human beings all over the world we have the same questionings.

Games like marbles, Chinese jumping rope, and hopscotch exist in a lot of different countries with variations. We are reminded that what brings us together is less important that what separate us. Hopscotch is called pousse-pion in Cameroun, amarelina in Brazil and marelle in France. The symbolic of this game is often associated to the path of life with hell and sky.

One chalk is enough to reinvent the world and to be connected to another human being in a non-virtual way. In a society where computer games are prevalent, play time should go back to a certain innocence and simplicity. Furthermore, it is important to show that art does not belong only to museums but is available to everyone on a day basis.

As an artist in residence last spring, I was able to create paintings inspired by the games of my childhood and to have a meaningful connection with kids and their families playing games like hopscotch during the closing of the exhibit.


Conversations in Paint and Clay
New works by Josette Simon-Gestin and Peggy Martin
Tyme Gallery - Havertown, PA
Opening reception March 11, 2011, 5pm

Saltimbanques #1 and #2
Acrylic on canvas
by Josette Simon-Gestin

It is really difficult to dissociate my personal life from my art. In fact, how could one know if this mad line in this drawing is the sketch of a flower or if her sharp turns and arabesques outline the itinerary of a wandering life between Austria, Italy, France and the USA? I have always worked in series with themes interconnected with each other, identity, relationships, literature… This new series of works had been inspired by poems I read when I was growing up, some of them at school, some of them I discovered by myself later in life. Baudelaire, Nerval, Du Bellay and Voltaire. These poets had accompanied me all of my life. Some of their lines left a strong imprint in my mind and soul, Du Bellay in “Comme Ulysse…” referred to the feeling of homesickness. Nerval evoked the search for perfect love in “Les allees du Luxembourg,” Verlaine expressed how love fades and how love can hurt. Another common theme running through all these oeuvres is how time is passing and youth is gone. Other poets are glorifying the beauty of women, lust and desire. Apollinaire reflected how the distraction of art (by the passing of a circus through town) could alleviate for a moment the pain and fears in life. But when the circus is gone, life’s problems come rushing back. For a few minutes like with a saltimbanque’s tricks, I hope to stop time and let your mind appreciate the colors and playfulness of my art.


La Baguette Bistro, Oklahoma City, OK, April 20 - June 20, 2010
Opening reception Tuesday April 20, 5pm - 7pm

Recent Paintings by Josette Simon-Gestin
PII Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, December 4 - 26, 2009


Lorient Express

Nault Fine Art, Oklahoma City, OK, Nov 6, 2009 - Dec 5, 2009


The Zig-Zag Lines of My Life
Enclaves Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nov 16, 2008 - Jan 18, 2009
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Prints available, contact artist for more information



Lire au Lit

Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dec 7 - Dec 30, 2007




Hide and Seek

Untitled [ArtSpace], Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, March 5 - April 24, 2004

What interests me is to play with the materiality of the painting and to question it. Paint? Fabric? Paper? Desires...What do clothes reveal? What are they hiding? Don't clothes reveal more than they hide? The painter dresses in a smock, the artst shows himself on the canvas and the woman becomes the artist. Colors and forms take the front stage. It is this constant questioning, the tension between reality, private life, public life and art, that the answer lies.



Au subjet des Robes
Medi@store, Lorient, France - July 23, 2003
The new work with dresses is not about dresses, but about how we present ourselves to the world. What we show, our social self, is it who we are? Are we hiding more behind nakedness than when we are wearing clothes? Am I giving more clues to my personality wearing nothing or exhibiting myself in fabrics and jewels?



Hide and Seek
Galleria Caruso, Milazzo, Italy - July 26, 2003



City Arts Center, Oklahoma City - May 18 to June 18, 2002

Troy Wilson – Exhibits Director Josette Simon-Gestin

at the opening May 18

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