It is really difficult to dissociate my personal life from my art. In fact, how could one know if this mad line in this drawing is the sketch of a flower or if her sharp turns and arabesques outline the itinerary of a wandering life between Austria, Italy, France and the USA? I have always work with series with themes interconnected with each other, identity, relationships, literature...the following series are the most important ones in this journey.
New paintings inspired by Brittany  


  As I travelled from Europe to the United States, my steps led me to discover some Matisse paintings in the Barnes collection or Frida Kahlo paintings in the Aarken museum in Denmark. The list is long of art that have left an imprint on me since the visit of the Louvre and the Pompidou center when I have experienced my first museums. When I try to look back, thousands of images jostle my mind but some artists stand out more than others, Picasso, Gauguin, Bonnard, and Frida Kahlo. This new series is a work on which art is shaping and nourishing my art process .In my personal and surreal way; I recreate the paintings which have accompanied me in my creative life. My exploration has only begun and I do not know where my musings will take me with my children figures and animals representations that never left me.  

  Games like marbles, Chinese jumping rope, and hopscotch exist in a lot of different countries with variations. We are reminded that what brings us together is less important that what separate us. Hopscotch is called pousse-pion in Cameroun, amarelina in Brazil and marelle in France. The symbolic of this game is often associated to the path of life with hell and sky.  

  Imaginary spaces, gardens of an interior world where souvenirs and dreams intertwine to draw the map of my emotions are my gardens. Women lost in their thoughts don’t give much attention to their surroundings of stylized vegetation and strange animals.  

  Gauguin once painted Brittany. He found there untamed strength, wilderness. Going back there, after years abroad, I express my emotions at trying to reconnect with my roots. The headdresses of the women, the scream of the seagulls, the beauty of the seaside stimulates my imagination.  

  As I am not trying to represent some kind of reality but to express the emotion, the poesy of one moment, I cut off details leaning toward abstraction, finding the archetype of a face or of an animal. In African masks, I found great inspiration.  

  Everyone who has ever been to Italy experiences intense sensations. I spent three years in Verona savoring incredible architecture and art. Esthetic is not an abstract word but a physical sensation, which takes you away. I had to surrender myself to the magic of Venice in particular but I tried to make it my own with my women, my whimsical creatures.  

  One will like to unlock the door or at least to have a peep through the windows and discover what is going on inside. I set up women in improbable clothes on a strange sofa. Their physical closeness is contradicted by their aloofness. Everyone mind his own business. What is really going on?  

  A painting is represented in a painting. Like in the Velasquez painting ‘Los Meninas.’ What is the true subject of the artwork? The scene represented is an illusion but is not art always an illusion? I painted women looking at a painting showing a painting.  

  What interest me is to play with the materiality of the painting. Paint? Fabric? Paper? Desires? Dreams? What reveal the clothes? What are they hiding? Don't clothes reveal more than they hide? The painter dresses in a smock. The artist reveals himself on the canvas and the woman become artist.  

  I paint the paths that I remember biking on every summer when I was a kid. The paths that I explore in my mind, all these roads are meeting in the unlimited space of the canvas. The exhilaration of going downhill is relived in the act of painting.  

  All the books that I have read, all the books that I will read, all the stories that are filling my head are lining up in my drawings. I sit, lay in bed nourishing myself with words .The world is expanding because every word is the key to another world.  

  Going back home, after the flight from one airport to another, starts the real journey by train. Sitting inside the wagon as I look through the window and the landscape move on, my mind is full of longing, past visits mixing with the anticipation of the new one, an imaginary space taking shape.  
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